Classic Car Museum was created to provide a web based location for information on automobile Museums across the country, regardless of if they featured Classic Cars, Antique Cars, Heavy metal American Muscle cars or unique and prototype cars like the Triton Aero Car at The Tupelo Automobile Museum located in Tupelo, Mississipi. On the page for each classic car museum, there will be listed the contact information, directions, local gasoline prices, current and upcoming weather forecasts and links to area hotels, restaurants and other attractions.

Are you a classic car enthusiast? A 'Vette fan? How about the Ford Mustang? From Bonds Astin-Martin to the cars of the moon shiners that brought us stock car racing, Americans have always loved their automobiles, be they powered by steam, gas or something else. Inline 4's and 6's, V 8 and 12's or rotary engines, many and varied have been the engines and drive trains that powered both the automobile and its development thru the last 100 years.

How about a walk down memory lane to go back and look at the cars of your childhood that are now called antiques? Do you know the companies that formed American Motors Corporation? Remember when Hudson's and Nash's were common on the streets of America. The AmeriCar, or the very advanced for its day Tucker. Do you know why we could build a car that averaged over 40 miles to the gallon 50 years ago, but can’t today? Or would you like to learn the answers to all these fascinating questions and more.

Take a look at the beautiful workmanship that has been put into automobiles for over 100 years that is missing from most of today's production line cars. Look at the coach works of a LaSalle, Packard or Pace Arrow. Find out why Fisher Body Works was so famous before they became a part of General Motors. Check out the museums near you.